Low Calorie Waffles

waffle iron

One week out from my marathon and I am working to stay on track especially with what I eat. This morning I had low-calorie waffles…. delicious. A quick and easy recipe my mom has been cooking for years for my stepdad. They don’t look perfect, but they taste perfect. You know if a man will eat it, it must be pretty good 🙂 Mom says it is much easier to cook on a waffle iron than to cook pancakes, I believe she is right. I started my day with a low-calorie breakfast  that satisfied my sweet tooth and gave me some carbs as I start adding some additional carbs to my diet for the 26 mile run to come in just six short days!

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Marcia’s Specialty Cookies in the raw

cookies 7

My mom makes these awesome cookies that my son and I both love. They are raw and paleo. My son always wants a chocolate version, which I like too, but the regular version is what I wanted this week! They are quick and easy to make, complete in about fifteen minutes. I am all about quick and easy. Mom created this version of her raw, paleo cookies after many years of playing around with various recipes and really developing it to what she likes, but I think everyone else will like them too just like me! I asked her to make them today so I could have some for a quick snack as the week is about to start. I am sharing these with you too because I believe you will love them as well:)

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Cauliflower Pizza

Cauliflower Pizza

I Continue to try to stay focused on eating properly because I know that nutrition is the most important factor to being healthy. I am always on the look out for new recipes that I can modify to make them easy. I came across a recipe in a magazine called Naturally… Eggplant Cauliflower Flat Bread. I am not a huge fan of eggplant and I really didn’t want to go to the trouble of cooking eggplant, but I pulled the portion of the recipe on cauliflower flat bread and made it… easy and delicious!

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Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter

Pumpkin Seed Butter I have always loved peanut butter. Growing up as a kid I lived off peanut butter and grape jelly along with mac-n-cheese.  I wasn’t a picky eater. I ate everything, but if I had a choice these were the two things I would most likely pick. Later in life, I made the switch to almond butter trying to re-establish my way of eating to less processed foods with chemicals so I learned to let peanut butter go, somewhat (I still have my moments). I mostly use organic, raw, unsalted almond butter in all the things I cook or eat. BUT… I came across this one day shopping on-line for some specific things I eat that I can’t pick up at the local grocery store… Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter… organic, raw and stone ground so I ordered it. Why? because it says pumpkin on the jar and if it has anything to do with pumpkins I must have it! It had a cute elephant on the jar too ( I am a Alabama Football fan so that was another critical reason for trying this particular brand:). Continue reading

Apples and Pumpkins…


apples and pumpkins 2

September is the month that starts making me gear up for the fall. By September I am ready for a change in weather and a change in food. Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year anyway. I love the weather and the foods of the season that come along with it… apples, pumpkins, butternut squash, acorn squash, turnips, collards and so many more. I am not much of a cook, but I like things that are quick to make and eat and I love soups and stews, making these so I can eat on them through the week. My life is busy so no time for making gourmet meals for me. Simple is what I like and few ingredients. No hassle kind of cooking. This morning brought our first cool temperatures in Georgia so I was ready as I had hit the grocery store for apples, pumpkin, butternut squash and a few side items to get foods for the weekend. Continue reading