Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter

Pumpkin Seed Butter I have always loved peanut butter. Growing up as a kid I lived off peanut butter and grape jelly along with mac-n-cheese.  I wasn’t a picky eater. I ate everything, but if I had a choice these were the two things I would most likely pick. Later in life, I made the switch to almond butter trying to re-establish my way of eating to less processed foods with chemicals so I learned to let peanut butter go, somewhat (I still have my moments). I mostly use organic, raw, unsalted almond butter in all the things I cook or eat. BUT… I came across this one day shopping on-line for some specific things I eat that I can’t pick up at the local grocery store… Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter… organic, raw and stone ground so I ordered it. Why? because it says pumpkin on the jar and if it has anything to do with pumpkins I must have it! It had a cute elephant on the jar too ( I am a Alabama Football fan so that was another critical reason for trying this particular brand:).

I waited patiently for this mysterious butter to appear in my grocery box at the post office and like murphy’s law states… “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”… Murphy was a real optimistic kind of guy. Anyway my package got lost and it was delayed and on and on, but it finally arrived. I rushed home, not even hungry, toasted some Ezekiel bread, slathered up my toast with the green paste and took a big bite. I remember thinking this doesn’t taste anything like almond butter or peanut butter. I had to sit it down and think about it. Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter… what is it? I just stared at the ugly green sludge on my toast.

I mulled around thinking and eating on this piece of toast for a rather long time. This is the conclusion I came to…somebody took a pumpkin seed and watered it and let it germinate. Then when it grew to a certain point, just before becoming a “true plant,” it was plucked up… seed and sprout… and ground up into a paste! Hence sprouted pumpkin seed butter. It actually tasted nothing like I expected. Not sure that I was disappointed,  just caught off guard. I put the jar of butter away and had to go think about this, not what I was expecting… though I don’t know what I was really expecting.

Over the next few weeks, I nibbled on it, tried various ways and it grew on me, but it is not like eating a nut butter. It is a sprouted seed… a very earthy… grassy flavor. Kind of like eating broccoli sprouts on a sandwich or salad… definitely not a nutty flavor. I haven’t ventured into cooking with it, but I am thinking to try and make a raw pumpkin energy bar this weekend and using this instead of the nut butter to make it an ALL pumpkin energy bar.

This is also probably a  good alternative for those who have to stay away from nuts for various reasons… allergies or whatever. I am now on my third jar and it is growing on me, but I had to wrestle in my brain about the flavor. I tend to like it with a little salt added it to it, though I try not to do that, but I occasionally do. I stick to eating it for breakfast or snack adding fresh cooked figs, pear preserves or raw honey (good before a long run) very sparingly even though the ones I am eating have been made with stevia, not sugar. It is green too so it is always interesting to see how people react when you spread it on your bread or toast.. the color is kind of funky.

Anyway , I am going to continue to experiment with this new find of Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter and see what concoction  I can whip up to share with you later:) Give it a whirl, definitely worth trying. It is around the same cost as raw almond butter… @$8-10 a jar depending on where you order.


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