The Wodapalooza Fitness-Festival

Getting excited about heading to Miami, Florida to be a judge at the Wodapolooza Fitness Festival. Not only will I see some awesome athletes, but this year I will get to be a part of judging the competition. It’s kind of like a pre-cursor to the games… athletes have to qualify. Feels like a sneak peek into what the World Games may hold for 2016. What makes it even better is that I know several athletes that made it past the qualifying and will be competing this year.

Ben Williams who started Crossfit in a gym I was training in just three years ago is ranked number eleven at the Wodapalooza Elite Men Division for 2016. He is such a tremendous athlete and quickly he rose to the top of this sport. He has made it to the Crossfit Southeast Regionals on a team and as an individual. His team went on to California last year to compete in the 2015 Crossfit World Games. He is a young christian athlete that stands by his faith and is a rare find in his generation or anywhere for that matter. I am believing this is going to be his year! Believing in Ben is my motto!!!!

Then there is Cory Dague who made it to the Masters Men’s World Games Age Group 40-44 in 2013. He has been invited back to Wodapolooza because he is an awesome athlete. He was my first Crossfit Coach ever and there will never be another like him. I am just proud of his hard work,dedication and continued commitment. He still coaches and inspires people everyday. He is competing in the Master’s Men 40-44 at the festival. Wishing him much luck! I know his gym here where I live is cheering him on as he travels down to represent! Go Cory!!!!

Another talented young athlete is Brandon Bergin  who owns a gym out of a small town just the next county over from me. I had an opportunity to learn a great deal about weightlifting and programming while in the gym with him. He has made it to the Crossfit Regionals in the Southeast, twice, and is also going to do great things. He has great programming so it will be really cool to see him at work. He was still training hard when I saw him this past Saturday when I popped by his gym.

Last but not least Ashley Waldrep has made it into the ladies scaled division at Wodapalooza. This is so cool. I remember when she started and she grown fast. She is beastly strong and committed. I can’t wait to see what she is going to do. Rock on Ashley!

I am really looking forward to warm weather and an opportunity to hang out and watch some awesome athletes. Going to be FUN!


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