It’s that time again…

New Year

2016 is fast upon me and already I am planning on things I can do differently. Just like everyone else, I have set resolutions and then by mid January I am wondering why it’s so hard to do. Over the years I have gotten better at resolving to make changes and actually following through with them. Setting goals only to be disappointed in yourself is awful. I have learned a few things about setting goals to find success. The kind of goals I set have been critical for me to make real life changes that have made a difference.

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The next level with my body…

I find that I regularly listen to or read other blogs, articles and even scientific journals to gain more information on how to continue to make improvements in my physical condition and in the process get the body I have often wanted. Overall I am in pretty good shape, fit, but I would really like to get to a point that I can transform my body once and for all and be satisfied. I am ready to be transformed and take it to the next level.  Continue reading

Day in and Day out…

Goals 2

If I could share one thing that I think has made all the difference in the world in changing my life to be healthier what would it be? I pondered this and at first I wasn’t sure. I began looking back over my journal entries last week and assessing my food, my runs and my workouts. Thinking. I thought about where I am now and I wondered back to where I was eight years ago. Two very different places, but why? I have always struggled with body image and how I wanted to look physically often losing site that it should be about a healthy, happy life. Sometimes even now those negative thoughts creep back in and I find that I am beating myself up or wondering why the changes have been slow or not exactly what I wanted or expected. I see these same issues with my friends and even the young high school girls at my school. Many of them too in turmoil about how they look and doing extreme things to fit the mold that society has established for women. I tell others often “you are fearfully and wonderfully made,” Continue reading