It’s that time again…

New Year

2016 is fast upon me and already I am planning on things I can do differently. Just like everyone else, I have set resolutions and then by mid January I am wondering why it’s so hard to do. Over the years I have gotten better at resolving to make changes and actually following through with them. Setting goals only to be disappointed in yourself is awful. I have learned a few things about setting goals to find success. The kind of goals I set have been critical for me to make real life changes that have made a difference.

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Nutrition trumps exercise…

good nutritionThe most valuable lesson I have learned in my journey to a healthier life is that nutrition trumps exercise. Somewhere through all the running, biking and Crossfit I ate more as I felt I had earned it. I found more reasons to have a cheat meal or day and ended up with an additional thirteen pounds back on over a year’s time. That was through training for a marathon and lifting some of my heaviest weights. Not what I had bargained for at all. Add to that, I was over 46 and the pounds haven’t been so easy to shed. What’s going on? Hormonal changes happened said the doctor… metabolism slows down, body doesn’t produce stuff like it use to and all of sudden weight becomes a major issue… more so for women than men. That stinks! Continue reading