I am Lindy… a 46 year old christian mom whose kids are all grown up. I had to find something to do with me so I began new life style…serious empty nest syndrome. I am also a high school Principal in my small home town. I love people and I love being outdoors. I love to read. I love to encourage and motivate others.

When my youngest son went off to college, I had to begin a whole new life recognizing that my kids were indeed moving on with their life, as they should. I knew that if I didn’t, I would be lonely and without purpose. I made the decision that my health was most important or I would be one of many laden with taking medication and growing into a miserable lifestyle. Through the years, I had let my health slip away gradually, even though I wasn’t taking any medication and had not been diagnosed with anything like high blood pressure, my life was stressful. You can’t be a Principal and not have stress… parents and politics can send you over the edge if you are not careful. I had managed to smoke and drink “socially” for twenty years, that was my excuse anyway, but I made the decision to quit or so I thought.

It was then that I realized that I was actually addicted to cigarettes and quitting was not going to be easy. It was my crutch for dealing with stress. I tried everything, and it took a year of stopping and starting to finally put them down completely (that was 8 years ago:). That was just the beginning of my journey to change my lifestyle. My eating habits were crazy and unhealthy. Walking to my mailbox was tough. Damage to my lungs from smoking, lack of exercise, and bad eating had all put my mind and body in a not so good place. I stuck with it. Some days were good others were not. I realized it was going to take time to break habits, strongholds and mindsets.

I committed to walking and eventually bought a bike to change it up and even began to swim laps in my pool. Over time I had some tiny success stories that kept me encouraged. Now, eight years later it seems it is my way of life. I am not perfect with this lifestyle. I still have mindsets that I am working on, body image issues as most women and I am hard on myself. BUT… I do recognize that I have come a long way. Now I am learning to be content with who I am. Don’t confuse content with complacent, because complacent I am not. I still continue to look for ways to improve and challenge myself. A new adventure just around the corner is exciting for me.

To date I have done over ten Sprint triathlons and one Olympic triathlon, twenty-five half marathons, and two full marathons (training for #3 now). I do Crossfit and I Coach Crossfit.  I think maybe a half iron-man could be in my future before I turn 50, but the level of commitment and training is critical so timing will be everything. 

That is where I am in my life. I have great kids, grand kids, family and friends and I love my job. Life is good. My blog is just sharing my journey like many others in hopes that it will encourage and motivate you to do something for your self that will have a tremendous impact on how you do life. I am not an expert on fitness, health or exercise. I am just always in search of ways to improve and so I share my thoughts, experiences and good things to read about from the experts here on RunWodSweat. 


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