Why I run

I found this post I wrote a while back about running. I wanted to share again as you may have missed it. Running is so much more than physical exercise and this post will help you understand what running does for me and hopefully can do for you. Why running has become a part of who I am. Be encouraged and don’t stop walking or running or whatever you are doing… it is helping you so much physically, but even more mentally. You may not even be aware of it. Mental toughness can carry you along way. Running is just like life… Continue reading


Becoming a runner


Just getting started in being a healthier you is tough. Deciding is the first step to making change.  The next step is even more difficult… doing it. I remember when I made the decision and when I started. I actually tried it probably a hundred times before I committed and that was okay. Sometimes it takes a while to convince your body that it wants to do this. The mind is willing, but the body isn’t. As you get healthier and better at exercising, the roles reverse. The body becomes willing, but the mind may not want to play.  You may constantly have to deal with the struggle of mind and body. That will never change; you just get better at controlling it or at manipulating yourself. I have to trick myself even now when one or the other is not cooperating. I have gotten better at it, but there are still days when it is hard. Continue reading

Day in and Day out…

Goals 2

If I could share one thing that I think has made all the difference in the world in changing my life to be healthier what would it be? I pondered this and at first I wasn’t sure. I began looking back over my journal entries last week and assessing my food, my runs and my workouts. Thinking. I thought about where I am now and I wondered back to where I was eight years ago. Two very different places, but why? I have always struggled with body image and how I wanted to look physically often losing site that it should be about a healthy, happy life. Sometimes even now those negative thoughts creep back in and I find that I am beating myself up or wondering why the changes have been slow or not exactly what I wanted or expected. I see these same issues with my friends and even the young high school girls at my school. Many of them too in turmoil about how they look and doing extreme things to fit the mold that society has established for women. I tell others often “you are fearfully and wonderfully made,” Continue reading

The miracle to overcome…

Mom 8-22-15

“Whoever said winning isn’t everything never had to fight CANCER!” That is the back of mom’s t-shirt she has on in the picture to the right. In two days she will be having colon surgery for her cancer, but today we celebrated life. We celebrated her ability to persevere and endure. She has been a real trooper. Twenty-five rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and now surgery. One step at a time, continuing to do what she has always done and refusing to let it control her life. Continue reading

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days 2The Dog Days of Summer… the time of year between July and August where all the dogs lie around because it’s too hot to do anything else. That’s what my Grandmother would say when we were kids. During the hot, hot afternoons, she would make us go in and take a nap, too hot to do anything else. This July has not disappointed. The dogs have done nothing but sit and pant on the porches. It’s hot in the shade and even in the house. Add living in Georgia and misery is the name of the game. It is sweltering. Trying to train for a fall marathon can be difficult at best.  Continue reading

Running up !

CRoss Country 8-15

My running partners this morning… Some of the boys Cross Country Team. If you want a little push in your running… run up! This morning I ran up… up with better runners than me and up the mountain. I took off down to Camp Thunder, the Boy Scout Camp, about 20 minutes from my house to meet up and run with the guys this morning. I figured it surely couldn’t hurt and running with faster people makes you faster. As you can probably tell from the photo, these boys are lean and guess what… fast. It didn’t help much that the trail was tough in places and straight up the mountain, being part billy goat would have probably helped me out. Continue reading