Too little food!

I am back home from judging in Miami and working to get back on track. Three days of judging with very little downtime and traveling to get back seems to get me off track. Scrounging for the right foods to eat and getting in my normal daily exercise seemed to fall away. This week I have worked to get me food back on track and get back in the gym. The weather has been rainy and cold so running has been zilch. I continue to pay attention to what I eat and how much. Overeating usually can be the problem for me, but not getting enough calories can be a problem too. Eating too little can cause just as much damage as over eating. Believe it or not!

I have found myself at times not eating enough and I reach a stand still in progressing to where I want to get. Under eating tells the body that you aren’t getting enough calories and nutrients and puts it on notice of “starvation.” When this happens, the body begins to store everything we eat as fat…. not good. We expend a lot of energy in our day-to-day life moving about so we need a certain amount of calories to function each day. If we add exercise in to the mix then of course we need more calories. Balanced calories are critical… some proteins, some carbohydrates and some good fats are all important to proper nutrition.

One of the things lately that I noticed in my food journal is that I really don’t eat enough vegetables. I love vegetables, but when I looked at what I eat I realized I need more vegetables. Today I am headed to the market to get my veggies and eat them!!! It’s is pretty interesting what you see in your food journal about your eating habits. Mine are okay, but I certainly have noticed a few other things too that I need to change about what I eat and when I eat. As I go forward this week, I will work to change some things to get back on track. I will continue to journal my food and I would encourage you to journal your food for a week,count your calories to see how much you are eating and make adjustments accordingly. I should be eating at least 1620 calories based on my current regiment of day-to-day lifestyle and exercise. This number may scare some… ladies in particular… but when I do what I am suppose to I tend to lean up my body,look better and feel better. That is just truth!


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