Trail Half Marathon

Helen Half 2015 6

Yesterday my sister and I ran our first trail half marathon,the Helen Half Marathon, that I posted about a couple of weeks ago to stay on track after my full marathon in October. As you can see from the picture, it was gorgeous.  We had a blast and the scenery doesn’t get any better. I have done over 25 half marathons on the road, but this was my first on trail. I was always scared to try one, but my sister convinced me to give it a try. Glad I did now,  but yes it is different from a road run most definitely and it had its challenges.

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Staying motivated so I stay on track!

Helen Half

After running my second full marathon, I went into rest mode too long and ended up not running for about five months. When I finally started back it was tough… almost like starting over. After this marathon, I am taking a week recovery and continuing on, but to ensure I stay motivated I signed up for a half marathon just a month away. It’s easy  to let your running get slack after long months of training for a marathon, but trying to start back over after too long of a rest is brutal. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.  Continue reading

Blessed on Marathon Day!

Beth and me medals

I was walking around looking for the start line  area  for the marathon this morning. It was not so clear where to start so I stopped and asked a lady if she knew where it started. Before she could answer, the lady standing next to her said, “Lindy?”  When I turned to look, it was my half-sister standing right in front of me; she recognized my country twang accent. What a blessing! We live miles apart and as life would have it we rarely see each other. Life takes place and before you know it… time has slipped away.  Many Years have passed without seeing each other, but after talking today we both realize that we have to change that and make an effort to see each other more! We ran together, chatted and just enjoyed the run and each other. We split at the half point. I went on for the full marathon wondering  if I would see her again, but when I crossed the finish line she was standing there taking pictures of me. I knew the future looked promising!

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Marathon just weeks away

Silver Comet Marathon 1

My marathon is three weeks away so now what? Well, the hard work has been done, endless miles of running, hours upon hours have been logged. I have run on every road in this county over the last few months, taking in the sights. I have had a few bumps along the way, but nevertheless, I ran on working to do what I could to stay on track.  As the last weeks are upon me, I strategize and think about what to do from this point forward knowing what I know about me. The plan is simple, but requires continued discipline so as not to blow it at the last-minute.

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Rain Running



One of the biggest mistakes a runner can make when in training is making excuses for not running due to weather conditions. In the beginning of my running “career,”  I never let weather decide if I would run, I just went in the rain, snow or heat; it didn’t matter because I was so excited to run. Somewhere along the way, for whatever reason, this thing got in my way and I detoured around the weather… big mistake.  I got past it as it was just a phase. It was probably more related to over-training and being tired. The truth of the matter is, it is smart to train in various situations because on the morning of the  big event the weather may not be perfect. At least if you have had a few runs in various types of weather, you will have some idea of what to expect and what changes you may need to make that morning of the race. Rain and cold or hot weather seem to be the biggest excuses when it comes to running in less than favorable weather.

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The Billy Goat Gang!

Cross Country 15-11

This is how I started my day… run with a view. I headed back down to the trail at Camp Thunder, our local Boy Scout Facility, this morning. I posted several weeks back about running with the guys Cross Country Team and I had to go back…. the girls insisted that they run the mountain. So, I stood true to my word and met them in a little town just outside the mountain… Concord Georgia. I learned a few lessons this morning about hanging out with teenagers. You would think after three sons, five grand kids and thousands of high school students over the years I would already know these things:

  • If a teenager says he/she will be on time….he/she won’t. Time is irrelevant. Don’t expect him/her to be on time ever.

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Running for my life


At forty-six, it seems I am starting over and really trying to discover who I am, what things are really important to me and where do I go from here. It’s like being at a crossroads with no road map and wondering, “How do I get to where I am going and where exactly am I going at this point in my life?”  Running is a place I come to and in this place I find the mental solitude to press on and move forward in the circumstances of life.

Growing up in a small town where there isn’t much of anything, but trouble, I floundered about finding trouble on more than one occasion. Life’s harsh and cruel lessons disciplining me not so mercifully. Continue reading

Why I run

I found this post I wrote a while back about running. I wanted to share again as you may have missed it. Running is so much more than physical exercise and this post will help you understand what running does for me and hopefully can do for you. Why running has become a part of who I am. Be encouraged and don’t stop walking or running or whatever you are doing… it is helping you so much physically, but even more mentally. You may not even be aware of it. Mental toughness can carry you along way. Running is just like life… Continue reading

Becoming a runner


Just getting started in being a healthier you is tough. Deciding is the first step to making change.  The next step is even more difficult… doing it. I remember when I made the decision and when I started. I actually tried it probably a hundred times before I committed and that was okay. Sometimes it takes a while to convince your body that it wants to do this. The mind is willing, but the body isn’t. As you get healthier and better at exercising, the roles reverse. The body becomes willing, but the mind may not want to play.  You may constantly have to deal with the struggle of mind and body. That will never change; you just get better at controlling it or at manipulating yourself. I have to trick myself even now when one or the other is not cooperating. I have gotten better at it, but there are still days when it is hard. Continue reading

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days 2The Dog Days of Summer… the time of year between July and August where all the dogs lie around because it’s too hot to do anything else. That’s what my Grandmother would say when we were kids. During the hot, hot afternoons, she would make us go in and take a nap, too hot to do anything else. This July has not disappointed. The dogs have done nothing but sit and pant on the porches. It’s hot in the shade and even in the house. Add living in Georgia and misery is the name of the game. It is sweltering. Trying to train for a fall marathon can be difficult at best.  Continue reading