Changing it up…. road biking

road bike 2 total womens cycling

(Picture from Total Women’s Cycling🙂

Changing it up makes for better overall health. For me, I need to do a variety of things to stay engaged in exercising. The same thing day-in and day-out makes me easily bored and stagnates my progress. Outside of running and Crossfit, I like biking. I enjoy both road biking and mountain biking, but a year and a half ago my mom was hit by a car on her road bike and I became a little fearful. A lady was texting on her phone and hit her from behind completely oblivious until it was too late. Mom suffered some injuries, but in time she overcame. It could have been much worse; God’s protection was definitely involved. At that point, I switched over completely to mountain biking putting the road bike to rest. After a long battle, I realized I missed it. I took my road bike in for a tune up this week and yesterday I hit the road again. Whether you are contemplating the road bike or you drive a car read this post to be aware of bikers that are on the road! Please.

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