Christmas Eve Morning… from my journal

christmas 7

I woke up early this morning as usual, hard to break habits, and was reading in the book of John about Jesus feeding the five thousand. Just two days later unbelief began to set in among his followers even though they had seen this miracle and many the days before. When Jesus began to speak of things they did not understand or that went against what they wanted to hear they began to doubt and walked away. I find myself struggling sometimes in the middle of all the craziness of the world, but I know faith is the true test… believing when the intellect doubts. Being too smart for Jesus seems to be the snare for so many in today’s world. Looking back over 2015, I realize more than ever how much Jesus loves me because it has been one tough year, one that will go down in the books for me. I can truly see how much God has had his hand in my situations time and time again. I took just a moment to thank him…. for “unto us a savior is born!” Today we begin our family traditions for Christmas and evidence of God’s mercy and grace will be present in each of us this year. God really is good… I got up to go get a fresh cup of coffee and picked up a piece of mail that I had forgotten to open last night. As I opened it, I realized it was the results of some testing from my doctor. For the last three years I have had to go every six months for tests. Every time the blood work and other tests have come back irregular and I had to continue on…”watching it” to see if it changed… it hasn’t for three years… always irregularities that have to be watched. But this time it was “normal and all clear.” My doctor wrote a little note on my results….
“sometimes it just takes time…. Merry Christmas… see you in a year for a regular appointment!” Sometimes you just have to trust God even when things seem “unfix able.” Doubt and unbelief have consumed me at times through those three years even though I have seen the miracles time and time again, thank God he saw me through. I don’t know what lies ahead for 2016, but I know that either way God will see me through it:) Merry Christmas and remember we celebrate the hope that Jesus gives us this season… be confident in knowing that whatever the situation, Jesus has the final say and even if it doesn’t turn out the way we want in the time we want it… his way is the best way and his timing is perfect!


It’s that time again…

New Year

2016 is fast upon me and already I am planning on things I can do differently. Just like everyone else, I have set resolutions and then by mid January I am wondering why it’s so hard to do. Over the years I have gotten better at resolving to make changes and actually following through with them. Setting goals only to be disappointed in yourself is awful. I have learned a few things about setting goals to find success. The kind of goals I set have been critical for me to make real life changes that have made a difference.

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Blessed on Marathon Day!

Beth and me medals

I was walking around looking for the start line  area  for the marathon this morning. It was not so clear where to start so I stopped and asked a lady if she knew where it started. Before she could answer, the lady standing next to her said, “Lindy?”  When I turned to look, it was my half-sister standing right in front of me; she recognized my country twang accent. What a blessing! We live miles apart and as life would have it we rarely see each other. Life takes place and before you know it… time has slipped away.  Many Years have passed without seeing each other, but after talking today we both realize that we have to change that and make an effort to see each other more! We ran together, chatted and just enjoyed the run and each other. We split at the half point. I went on for the full marathon wondering  if I would see her again, but when I crossed the finish line she was standing there taking pictures of me. I knew the future looked promising!

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It’s just a season

Working this week to stay on track…. eating, exercising… was difficult with my hectic schedule and life. This week was hard, no doubt. I planned food and scheduled workouts, but things didn’t  go as planned. The weather was a major factor this week with lots of rain so running was minimal. Running is the mental release so mental exhaustion crept in ever so slowly as the week progressed. I did manage to get in a few WODs this week, but the weather had me down and not eager to go. I am sore from the WODs I did with weights this week and my times on some of the benchmarks were way off. This was not encouraging and that had me down in the dumps too. As I spoke with several of my class members after class, I reminded them and myself that the enemy is us.

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Day in and Day out…

Goals 2

If I could share one thing that I think has made all the difference in the world in changing my life to be healthier what would it be? I pondered this and at first I wasn’t sure. I began looking back over my journal entries last week and assessing my food, my runs and my workouts. Thinking. I thought about where I am now and I wondered back to where I was eight years ago. Two very different places, but why? I have always struggled with body image and how I wanted to look physically often losing site that it should be about a healthy, happy life. Sometimes even now those negative thoughts creep back in and I find that I am beating myself up or wondering why the changes have been slow or not exactly what I wanted or expected. I see these same issues with my friends and even the young high school girls at my school. Many of them too in turmoil about how they look and doing extreme things to fit the mold that society has established for women. I tell others often “you are fearfully and wonderfully made,” Continue reading

The miracle to overcome…

Mom 8-22-15

“Whoever said winning isn’t everything never had to fight CANCER!” That is the back of mom’s t-shirt she has on in the picture to the right. In two days she will be having colon surgery for her cancer, but today we celebrated life. We celebrated her ability to persevere and endure. She has been a real trooper. Twenty-five rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and now surgery. One step at a time, continuing to do what she has always done and refusing to let it control her life. Continue reading