Run/WOD Sched


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Helen Half

Getting ready to run this November 28, 2015


November and December Training Schedule

Monday– Train with trainer for 45 minutes on legs; WOD and  movement ( light weight technique on snatch or clean and jerk

Tuesday– Weighted Movement and WOD

Wednesday– press movement and skills work: pull ups; negatives; double unders

Thursday– Train with trainer 45 minutes back and shoulders; WOD and squat movement (back, front, or overhead)

Friday- Train with trainer 45 minutes on legs

Saturday– WOD and movement on snatch or clean and jerk

Sunday -rest



Finished my 3rd marathon October 31st… results 4:45. I wanted 4:35 so I missed my goal, but I can live with it because I did a marathon. I will rest for a week for recovery doing some light stretching and weights.


Silver Comet Marathon 1