Staying motivated so I stay on track!

Helen Half

After running my second full marathon, I went into rest mode too long and ended up not running for about five months. When I finally started back it was tough… almost like starting over. After this marathon, I am taking a week recovery and continuing on, but to ensure I stay motivated I signed up for a half marathon just a month away. It’s easy  to let your running get slack after long months of training for a marathon, but trying to start back over after too long of a rest is brutal. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.  Continue reading


Pumpkin feta and spinach thing

Can’t wait to try this out this week for dinner!

Two Spoons

I seem to be making a lot of non-descript things lately. Before I go on, I’m going to brag a bit about this pie/pizza/tart. Even if you don’t like pumpkin, spinach, or feta (I’m not even going to cover the possibility of you not liking cheese), TRY this. It. Is. Gorgeous. Not only is it fantastically dance-on-your-tongue-y, but it’s surprisingly easy for a tart, and I made the dough and pressed it out in a matter of minutes. That’s right. You CAN make delicious pies on a whim.

pumpkinfetapie1The crust was a crispy, flaky and nutty on the outside, soft and tender where it meets the filling. Mostly it’s based on the legendary Moosewood Cookbook (from the Spinach riccotta pie crust), by Mollie Katzen. It was THE crust I fell in love with, both for its unfussy directions and totally simple ingredients which anyone should have at any time anyway…

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Blessed on Marathon Day!

Beth and me medals

I was walking around looking for the start line  area  for the marathon this morning. It was not so clear where to start so I stopped and asked a lady if she knew where it started. Before she could answer, the lady standing next to her said, “Lindy?”  When I turned to look, it was my half-sister standing right in front of me; she recognized my country twang accent. What a blessing! We live miles apart and as life would have it we rarely see each other. Life takes place and before you know it… time has slipped away.  Many Years have passed without seeing each other, but after talking today we both realize that we have to change that and make an effort to see each other more! We ran together, chatted and just enjoyed the run and each other. We split at the half point. I went on for the full marathon wondering  if I would see her again, but when I crossed the finish line she was standing there taking pictures of me. I knew the future looked promising!

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Low Calorie Waffles

waffle iron

One week out from my marathon and I am working to stay on track especially with what I eat. This morning I had low-calorie waffles…. delicious. A quick and easy recipe my mom has been cooking for years for my stepdad. They don’t look perfect, but they taste perfect. You know if a man will eat it, it must be pretty good 🙂 Mom says it is much easier to cook on a waffle iron than to cook pancakes, I believe she is right. I started my day with a low-calorie breakfast  that satisfied my sweet tooth and gave me some carbs as I start adding some additional carbs to my diet for the 26 mile run to come in just six short days!

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Marcia’s Specialty Cookies in the raw

cookies 7

My mom makes these awesome cookies that my son and I both love. They are raw and paleo. My son always wants a chocolate version, which I like too, but the regular version is what I wanted this week! They are quick and easy to make, complete in about fifteen minutes. I am all about quick and easy. Mom created this version of her raw, paleo cookies after many years of playing around with various recipes and really developing it to what she likes, but I think everyone else will like them too just like me! I asked her to make them today so I could have some for a quick snack as the week is about to start. I am sharing these with you too because I believe you will love them as well:)

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Right on track

train track I ran my pre-marathon race this morning and I was right on track! I trained fairly hard this week; running everyday, but yesterday, the day before my race. I continued to do Crossfit as well so my legs were tired. I did this purposefully to see how I would feel during my 15k race with tired legs; however,  yesterday I began questioning the method to my madness because my legs were so tired.

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Unexpected Treasure

I love going to the gym and hanging out to get my WOD or lift in for the day with my peeps after work, but it’s days like today I enjoy the most being outside.  Getting out to hike, bike or take a long run let’s me see the world in a whole new perspective, a slower, not in a rush to get there kind of view. It allows me to actually see my surroundings and take in the beauty, actually see what is in front of me. It’s not often I have the opportunity to slow down, but when I do, mostly on the weekends, I try to take full advantage and find time to explore some how, some way. I constantly look for new routes, new trails, new roads and new ways to get in my cardio and still have fun. This week I had a few days off for fall break, the weather has been fabulous so I took complete advantage of this opportunity… dropped the gym and hit the great outdoors to see what the world had to offer.

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Marathon just weeks away

Silver Comet Marathon 1

My marathon is three weeks away so now what? Well, the hard work has been done, endless miles of running, hours upon hours have been logged. I have run on every road in this county over the last few months, taking in the sights. I have had a few bumps along the way, but nevertheless, I ran on working to do what I could to stay on track.  As the last weeks are upon me, I strategize and think about what to do from this point forward knowing what I know about me. The plan is simple, but requires continued discipline so as not to blow it at the last-minute.

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Rain Running



One of the biggest mistakes a runner can make when in training is making excuses for not running due to weather conditions. In the beginning of my running “career,”  I never let weather decide if I would run, I just went in the rain, snow or heat; it didn’t matter because I was so excited to run. Somewhere along the way, for whatever reason, this thing got in my way and I detoured around the weather… big mistake.  I got past it as it was just a phase. It was probably more related to over-training and being tired. The truth of the matter is, it is smart to train in various situations because on the morning of the  big event the weather may not be perfect. At least if you have had a few runs in various types of weather, you will have some idea of what to expect and what changes you may need to make that morning of the race. Rain and cold or hot weather seem to be the biggest excuses when it comes to running in less than favorable weather.

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