Pumpkin feta and spinach thing

Can’t wait to try this out this week for dinner!

Two Spoons

I seem to be making a lot of non-descript things lately. Before I go on, I’m going to brag a bit about this pie/pizza/tart. Even if you don’t like pumpkin, spinach, or feta (I’m not even going to cover the possibility of you not liking cheese), TRY this. It. Is. Gorgeous. Not only is it fantastically dance-on-your-tongue-y, but it’s surprisingly easy for a tart, and I made the dough and pressed it out in a matter of minutes. That’s right. You CAN make delicious pies on a whim.

pumpkinfetapie1The crust was a crispy, flaky and nutty on the outside, soft and tender where it meets the filling. Mostly it’s based on the legendary Moosewood Cookbook (from the Spinach riccotta pie crust), by Mollie Katzen. It was THE crust I fell in love with, both for its unfussy directions and totally simple ingredients which anyone should have at any time anyway…

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