Blessed on Marathon Day!

Beth and me medals

I was walking around looking for the start line  area  for the marathon this morning. It was not so clear where to start so I stopped and asked a lady if she knew where it started. Before she could answer, the lady standing next to her said, “Lindy?”  When I turned to look, it was my half-sister standing right in front of me; she recognized my country twang accent. What a blessing! We live miles apart and as life would have it we rarely see each other. Life takes place and before you know it… time has slipped away.  Many Years have passed without seeing each other, but after talking today we both realize that we have to change that and make an effort to see each other more! We ran together, chatted and just enjoyed the run and each other. We split at the half point. I went on for the full marathon wondering  if I would see her again, but when I crossed the finish line she was standing there taking pictures of me. I knew the future looked promising!

The marathon went well. I ran just on time for the most part, but ended about ten minutes off my goal:( but faster than my last marathon:) The weather was perfect the course was beautiful, and I found my sister so who cares.  God orchestrated our meeting there today. I had been praying about it and she had too as we had no clue how to find each other. What are the chances we would end up at the same race standing next to each other with thousands of people… not likely!

We hugged before the race started and took off. When I turned the first corner on to the road, a beautiful rainbow was directly in front of me and I new God was present and at work!


I have run faster marathons and don’t know what happened… hamstrings got tight and couldn’t keep my pace at the end, but it was a good day anyway. I was thankful to  be able to run and dedicate my run to three special friends battling cancer… my mom, and two teachers that have worked for me for over ten years that I love dearly. One passed away the day before the marathon and I was heart broken. I ran with her picture to encourage me through my struggle today. She was so courageous and strong through her battle.  She was an inspiration to me and so many others and her faith was beyond measure. I will miss her and I know I am a better person because she was in my life!

It was a day filled with emotions. A day that once again reminded me that life is short; enjoy it and be with people you love. Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t compare yourself… love who you are and love people for who they are… nobody is perfect… people are people. Enjoy life and do the things you love. I love people and I love to run… even if I am slow … I did it! God is good and I am blessed.



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