Right on track

train track I ran my pre-marathon race this morning and I was right on track! I trained fairly hard this week; running everyday, but yesterday, the day before my race. I continued to do Crossfit as well so my legs were tired. I did this purposefully to see how I would feel during my 15k race with tired legs; however,  yesterday I began questioning the method to my madness because my legs were so tired.

I trained alone for this marathon as I did my first marathon so this morning I was on my own.  I headed out to a race close to home, about forty minutes away. The morning was the coldest we have had this fall at 41 degrees. I wore my running tights added a couple of layers on top, one I could shed and not worry about losing.  I headed out early around 6:00 am to pick up my packet and take a nap in the car before the race.

I practiced my breakfast for the marathon as well which consisted of coffee, toast with almond butter and a banana. I really wasn’t sure about whether I needed to add another piece of toast for the marathon, as I have gotten hungry close to the end of my previous two marathons… still debating. I worry about being too full at the start of the race. I am thinking about cutting up a bar or taking some animal crackers or Nutter Butter bites with me instead. I will make that call probably at the last-minute.

The line up was good, I found myself somewhere in mid pack. I had the pre-race jitters and went to the bathroom twice… too much coffee and water before the race, no issues with the digestive system! I remembered everything , but my extra gum for the run, but I survived.

The race started and even though I had told my self a thousand times don’t get caught up in the hype and go too fast… I did it anyway. The cool temperature drop messed with my asthma a touch as usual, but my breathing settled down about a mile and half into the race. I tend to run better or actually feel better running about three miles into the race. The first three are always the worst, this is why I hate 5k races, but do them anyway. I finally settled into my marathon pace and felt great miles four through nine. I finished right on track doing exactly what I needed to do during my run… no issues.

I finished 9.3 miles in 1:25 and that is right on track for my marathon:) I am pleased, now I just need it to go this way in two weeks! Not fast but steady!!!

Peachtree classic

Hollering  Happy Boss’s Day to my boss as I ran by her swinging her cow bell and throwing off my extra layer of clothing for her to keep. I always get a photo with my tongue out. It’s stupid, but it started by accident eight years ago and my running partner who wasn’t with me today was giving me heck on facebook when my boss posted it!


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