Rain Running

by Snoron.com

by Snoron.com

One of the biggest mistakes a runner can make when in training is making excuses for not running due to weather conditions. In the beginning of my running “career,”  I never let weather decide if I would run, I just went in the rain, snow or heat; it didn’t matter because I was so excited to run. Somewhere along the way, for whatever reason, this thing got in my way and I detoured around the weather… big mistake.  I got past it as it was just a phase. It was probably more related to over-training and being tired. The truth of the matter is, it is smart to train in various situations because on the morning of the  big event the weather may not be perfect. At least if you have had a few runs in various types of weather, you will have some idea of what to expect and what changes you may need to make that morning of the race. Rain and cold or hot weather seem to be the biggest excuses when it comes to running in less than favorable weather.

For the past few weeks, rain has been every other day in our area. It seems like it has been relentless. I knew with my marathon fast  approaching in five weeks, I was going to be in trouble if I didn’t run in the rain. Both, last weekend and this weekend, my longs were in the rain, eighteen and fifteen miles. I tried to be smart and not go when it was at its worst. I watched the radar and headed out when it appeared to be minimal. I timed it pretty well and made it through in a decent amount of time. It was actually refreshing.

I had to pay a little more attention to my clothing to ensure wet soggy clothes wouldn’t weight me down or irritate my skin by rubbing me. I made sure I carried my glide in my spiebelt and I ran on. Glide was very helpful for my feet as they became soggy and slipped around more than usual inside my shoe. I stopped at least once on both runs to glide up my feet again.  I don’t wear socks, but if you do dry-wicking will be critical. I made sure to wear my visor also to help keep the rain off my face and left the sunglasses in the car.

I wore shorts on one run and Capri legging s on the other run.  I definitely didn’t like the wet leggings and would only wear them again in the rain if it was going to be cold as well as wet. It was cool both mornings and I did wear long sleeve dry-wicking shirts on my arms. This worked well.

The rain was light and on and off both days, but it was pleasant in many ways. I enjoyed both runs immensely. The important part is knowing that should it rain the morning of my marathon, I have had two trial runs in the rain and know what clothing I need and what to expect on my run.  I will be better prepared:)


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