It’s just a season

Working this week to stay on track…. eating, exercising… was difficult with my hectic schedule and life. This week was hard, no doubt. I planned food and scheduled workouts, but things didn’t  go as planned. The weather was a major factor this week with lots of rain so running was minimal. Running is the mental release so mental exhaustion crept in ever so slowly as the week progressed. I did manage to get in a few WODs this week, but the weather had me down and not eager to go. I am sore from the WODs I did with weights this week and my times on some of the benchmarks were way off. This was not encouraging and that had me down in the dumps too. As I spoke with several of my class members after class, I reminded them and myself that the enemy is us.

I am not competing against anybody and I have nothing to prove, even a veteran coach has to remind themselves of this and last night after class, I did. My life is hectic. We all have seasons where life happens. My season is tough right now personally and it affects everything I do…. eating, exercising, working, being a good mom, friend or boss. All of it is off right now. I am tired, snappy, behind, frustrated and my desire to maintain has fizzled. I need to lighten up on myself. Stop beating myself up and recognize… it’s just a season and this too shall pass. Push through it one step at a time.

Today is overcast and dreary. A great day to hang out in my PJs, drink an extra cup of coffee and take the day as it comes. Maybe I will workout and maybe I won’t. I think I will just let the day happen…..


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