The next level with my body…

I find that I regularly listen to or read other blogs, articles and even scientific journals to gain more information on how to continue to make improvements in my physical condition and in the process get the body I have often wanted. Overall I am in pretty good shape, fit, but I would really like to get to a point that I can transform my body once and for all and be satisfied. I am ready to be transformed and take it to the next level.  Is that possible? I am not sure, but I think it is and in order to do this I believe it is critical to stay informed about how my mind and body work together for optimal health…. so I listen and I read.

Barbell Shrugged

One particular blog that I frequent is Barbell Shrugged- Nuggets and Pearls. These guys, Chris and Doug, are pretty cool to listen to or read. Sometimes the language is rough, if it gets too bad I turn it off, but they put out a variety of good information from weight lifting to nutrition to running. Like everything else, I try to filter…take the good, check out the questionable and discard the bad.  I like listening to what they have to say and it has been helpful to me many times… especially with weightlifting techniques and skill work.

Just this week there was a particular episode on “How to transform your body forever?” and they did an interview with Bill Phillips author of Body For Life published first in 1975 which hit the best seller list and later in 2005 he wrote  Eating For Life also a best seller.

Body for Life                                                               Eating for Life 2

Interestingly enough the things he said in 1975 in his book still stand true today, in my opinion. He gave five basic questions that we have to answer to really begin the transformation of our body as individuals. He talks about those five questions in this Barbell Shrugged Episode 187 with Doug and Chris. Check it out and listen to what he has to say (below is the link to watch it). Pay attention to the five questions Bill Phillips talks about and they discuss. I think they are critical for me or anybody who really wants to go the extra step to get their body to a certain place. The mind plays a critical role in making it happen. Check it out!

Barbell Shrugged -Transforming the Body for life.


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