The Billy Goat Gang!

Cross Country 15-11

This is how I started my day… run with a view. I headed back down to the trail at Camp Thunder, our local Boy Scout Facility, this morning. I posted several weeks back about running with the guys Cross Country Team and I had to go back…. the girls insisted that they run the mountain. So, I stood true to my word and met them in a little town just outside the mountain… Concord Georgia. I learned a few lessons this morning about hanging out with teenagers. You would think after three sons, five grand kids and thousands of high school students over the years I would already know these things:

  • If a teenager says he/she will be on time….he/she won’t. Time is irrelevant. Don’t expect him/her to be on time ever.

  • If a teenager says he/she won’t leave you… it’s a lie. It’s an unintentional lie, but a lie nonetheless. He/she will leave you high and dry!
  • If a teenager says it is a flat run, it is all relative. What is flat to a fifteen year old is not necessarily flat to a forty-six year old.
  • If a teenager says he/she has water for everybody it is like Jesus feeding 5000 people with five fish and five loaves. Three bottles of water is plenty for ten people that are running in the heat. Just believe it.

The adventure began…the boys did have difficulty making it on time because half way down they realized they needed gas in the car, but they made it to beautiful downtown Concord…

Cross Country 15-14

We continued down the road about twenty minutes to the camp and prepared for our morning run…. Fresh and ready to go…all smiles this morning…and with a full tank of gas:)

Cross Country 15-10

The boys took off ahead of us and the ladies stuck together and I followed just a touch behind to let them have their girl time without the principal…

Cross Country 15-21

We ran along the river for our warm up…

Cross Country 15-15

Then up the mile trek to the top! The view was unbelievable….

Cross Country 15-13

We made it to to the top only to realize that they boys forgot to drop the waters for us that they had in their back packs, but it was cool and not so hot. We were fine. We continued on running and I started to hear noises and knew the guys were close by.

We ran into a couple at the top of the mountain… so they posed to look cool…Crossy Country 15-4

The view was gorgeous….

Cross Country 15-8

We continued on with the run and the guys convinced us to follow them.  A little hesitant, I wanted to stick to what I knew, but they talked me into it. I could tell the girls wanted to run with the guys so push over that I am, I gave in.  The boys shared the water they had too…all of three bottles for ten people running. Makes me wonder how their brains think sometime. I gave up trying to figure that out a long time ago and moved on… no need to go back down that road some things will never have an answer.

Anyway, they PROMISED they wouldn’t leave us and it would be relatively flat… only one big climb….

Crossy Country 15-1

This was one of about five hills we had to climb to get across the mountain to head back down to the car… I believe they said it was only about two more miles. I said okay and continued to push through on OLD & TIRED & DEHYDRATED legs. They didn’t really leave us I guess… I mean we had signs that helped…

Cross Country 15-22

Finally after about three and half miles we started down the mountain…they said two!

Cross Country 15-19

The good news is we got in a lot of mountain trail running and some good strength training with the hills… I think after today our name will be “The Billy Goat Gang.” We need a name and this seems to fit both of our adventures thus far. All that matters is we finally made it to the bottom of the mountain and the river was waiting on us…

Cross Country 15-5

and the best friend ever had water and snacks waiting us.. the team, her daughter and I were very grateful for the little things…like water and peanut bars:)Cross Country 15-6

So stay tuned until the next time with The Billy Goat Gang! I am certain there is another adventure just around the corner:)


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